Saving time in PowerPoint

Given the amount of time most of us spend in PowerPoint, it would likely make sense to invest in improving our efficiency. Shaving a few seconds of highly repetitive tasks can add up to significant time savings over the course of building even one presentation.

We recently had a chance to connect with Taylor Croonquist from Nuts & Bolt speed training for PowerPoint which provides a great collection of shortcuts to improve your ability to quickly complete basic tasks in PowerPoint. In addition, Taylor and his team provide training sessions to help improve your groups PowerPoint efficiency. In our conversation with Taylor, we learned:

  • Working in PowerPoint can take up a lot of your time. You need a clear strategy and the know-how to ensure that you are efficient and saving valuable time
  • You can’t expect to memorize a hundred shortcuts over 60 minutes. But if you start applying them as you work you’ll build your repertoire and start noticing significant benefits over time

See Taylor’s Free PowerPoint Shortcuts resource guide which covers over a 120 shortcuts, grouped by activity to make learning them easy. Picking up just a few new shortcuts can help you greatly cut down the time it takes you to build presentations.

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