Global greenhouse gas emissions plotted in bar-mekko

The bar-mekko chart below is a variant of the Marimekko chart. It shows global greenhouse gas emissions by continents.

Each region’s population is displayed by the width of each column. The population of a continent is therefore proportional to its range on the x axis. The column labels also include the population data. The height of each column in a column shows the amount of emitted greenhouse gases per capita. With this data representation the area of each segment is proportional to the total amount of a continent’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Colored segments are used to differentiate between different types of greenhouse gases. Because some the of segments were small, a legend is used. For cleanliness, the labels for smaller segments were excluded.

Bar-mekko chart showing global greenhouse emissions

Bar-mekko chart showing global greenhouse emissions per capita and by type

This Mekko chart was built with PowerPoint 2016 on OS X using the latest Aploris for Mac release.

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