Marimekko chart of Nintendo hardware life-to-date unit sales

The Marimekko/Mekko chart below provides an overview of Nintendo’s hardware life-to-date unit sales. In this Mekko, the area of each rectangle is proportional to the number of units sold.

Mekko chart of Nintendo hardware unit sales

Mekko chart showing Nintendo’s life-to-date hardware sales

Handheld devices represent 60% of unit sales for a total 412M units. Nintendo 3DS at 154M sold units represents the largest component of handheld device sales. Home consoles represent 40% of unit sales for total of 280M. The Wii console is the largest driver of home console sales representing 102M sold units.

The Mekko chart featured here was built using the Aploris for Mac PowerPoint add-in.

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