Marimekko chart showing total viewers from top 30 American shows during 2014-15 season

The Marimekko chart below shows the total number of viewers from the top 30 American shows during the 2014-15 season. The shows are organized in columns based on the network/channel that broad casts it. The size of each segment is proportional to the total number of viewers. The width of each column represents the viewers each network has (viewers may be repeated across shows).

Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and NFL Sunday Night football have the largest number of viewers with about 21M each. CBS shows are the most popular with a cumulative number of 235M viewers.

Marimekko showing viewers of top 30 shows

Mekko of total viewers for top 30 American shows during 2014-2015 season

This chart was built using PowerPoint 2016 for Mac (15.18) with Aploris.

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