Mekko chart of European election votes for right-wing parties

The Mekko or Marimekko chart below shows election vote percentages for right-wing parties in select European countries. The data used is from this NY Times article and Wikipedia.

The width of each column is proportional to the population of the country. The height of the red segments represents the percentage of votes won by right-wing parties in the latest election. As such, the area of the red segments is roughly proportional to the number of people that support right-wing parties. This is subject to election rules and is meant to be indicative of the support for right-wing parties. Some columns have two red segments indicating that there were two right-wing parties. The data row below chart indicates the year of the last election results.

Mekko chart of right-wing votes in Europe

Marimekko of European election results for right-wing parties

This Mekko chart was built using Microsoft PowerPoint with the Aploris add-in on a Mac. You can download the chart here.

2 comments on “Mekko chart of European election votes for right-wing parties

  1. Bert

    Do you think that the Conservatives in England or the CDU in Germany are leftwing politics? You think 90% of Dutch politics are not right winged, and even 100% of Portugal and Spain…?

    Or did you maybe mean extremist, far-right racists, with the frase “right wing”?

    I really hate the devaluation of so called factual charts. You make something that is quite dangerous, look normal and acceptabel with frases like this.

    1. Aploris Post author

      Thanks for your feedback. You can find the source data in this NY Times publication: It differentiates between center-left/center-right (which includes the Conservative Party and CDU), right-wing/far-right and others (including far-left). Like NY Times we highlighted the right-wing/far-right share.

      Our main goal was to offer a condensed representation of the original data not a political interpretation of the controversial topic.


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