Mekko chart showing 10 largest box office opening weekends

The Mekko chart below shows the 10 largest worldwide opening weekend movie releases in terms of US$ revenues. Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaks records last weekend even though it hadn’t been released in China yet.

The width of each column is proportional to the total sales. The height of each segment within the column indicates the percent of sales from US and international sources. The labels were set to show both the absolute sales as well as the automatically calculated percent of sales from each source.

Readers can quickly note that about 55-60% of sales typically come outside of the US. The most significant exception is Marvel’s The Avengers which only pulled 47% of its revenue from international theaters.

Mekko showing largest opening weekend movie releases

Marimekko of 10 largest worldwide box office opening weekends

This Mareimekko chart was created using Aploris. It was built in PowerPoint 2016 on a Mac (OS X).

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