Mekko comparing caloric consumption across countries and food categories

The Mekko chart below compares the daily caloric consumption across different countries and food types. Each column represents a country (or the worldwide average) and the width of the column is proportional to the average consumption per capita in that country. Each column is then split in segments that represent the different food categories/types.  The height of each segment is proportional to calories represented by each segment.

The US has the highest level of consumption at 3641 calories per day driven by sugar and fats.  Across the world, grains are the primary source of calories comprising 45% of our diet. India, largely vegetarian, only gets 1% of its calories from meat.

Marimekko comparing caloric consumption

Mekko chart comparing caloric consumption by country and food category

This Mekko or Marimekko chart was built with the Aploris add-in on a Mac running PowerPoint 2016.

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