Scatter plots exploring relationship between heart rate and lifespan across different mammals

The scatter plots below examine the relationship between a mammal’s resting heart rate and its lifespan. The chart on the left compares heart rate to longevity of life span in years and the chart on the right compares heart rate to total lifetime heart beats. For both charts, log x and y axes are used to help make the relationships clear and to span the large scale. From the left chart we can see that there is an inverse relationship between longevity and heart rate.  However, a visual inspection of the right chart shows that lifetime heartbeats and heart are largely unrelated.

Scatter plots showing relationship between mammal heart rate and lifespan

Scatter plots showing relationship between heart rate and longevity/lifetime heart beats across different mammals

These charts or graphs were built using the Aploris add-in with the latest 64-bit release of PowerPoint for Mac. Aploris is a data visualization add-in for Mac and PC that helps PowerPoint users build better charts.

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