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When the longest prime numbers were discovered

The line chart below shows when the longest prime numbers were discovered. Because the lengths vary greatly, a log axis is used.

The longest known prime number was discovered on Dec 26th, 2017 with a length of 23,249,425 digits, nearly 1 million digits longer than the previous record. The accelerated discovery of prime numbers is largely due to computing power and distribute computing projects like GIMPS.

Line chart showing longest prime numbers and when they were discovered

Line chart showing when the longest prime numbers were discovered

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Mekko chart examining some of the largest data breaches

The Mekko chart below shows some of the entities affected by large data breaches. The entities are organized in columns based on their category and the width of the column represents the number of records affected. Each entity is represented by a segment in a column and the area of the segment is proportional to the number of records affected.

Mekko of large data breaches by entity category

Mekko chart of some of the world’s largest data breaches

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