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Marimekko chart of Nintendo hardware life-to-date unit sales

The Marimekko/Mekko chart below provides an overview of Nintendo’s hardware life-to-date unit sales. In this Mekko, the area of each rectangle is proportional to the number of units sold.

Mekko chart of Nintendo hardware unit sales

Mekko chart showing Nintendo’s life-to-date hardware sales

Handheld devices represent 60% of unit sales for a total 412M units. Nintendo 3DS at 154M sold units represents the largest component of handheld device sales. Home consoles represent 40% of unit sales for total of 280M. The Wii console is the largest driver of home console sales representing 102M sold units.

The Mekko chart featured here was built using the Aploris for Mac PowerPoint add-in.

Waterfall chart explaining Apple’s FY15 net income

The waterfall chart or cascade chart below explains Apple’s FY15 financials from net sales to net income.  The first bar on the left shows the components that make up Apple’s  sales.  iPhone comprises a staggering 66% of total sales.  The following hanging bars show all the cost components that lead to the last total bar, net income.

In general the waterfall chart is a great way to highlight the primary components that comprise a companies financials.  It allows the reader to step through the components while understanding how all the details impact the final numbers. On a slide, it also allows for an appropriate amount of white space to help improve readability.

Waterfall chart explaining Apple's 10-K

Waterfall chart showing Apple’s financials from sales to net income

This chart was created with the latest update of Aploris for Mac that supports Office for Mac 2016.

Stacked bar charts showing volume and sales forecast for driverless cars

The stacked bar charts below shows the volume and sales forecast for driverless cars in 2025 and 2035. The segments show the split between partially and fully automated cars. Partially automated cars may be equipped with traffic jam auto pilot features. This analysis was conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Stacked bar chart depicting volume and sales forecast for automated vehicles in 2025 and 2035

Stacked bar charts depicting volume and sales forecasts for automated vehicles in 2025 and 2035

We use the CAGR arrow to show the growth rate. Aploris automatically calculates the compound annual growth rate and the arrow can be inserted by right-clicking on a blank spot on the chart or more specifically by selecting the relevant bars in larger charts. Aploris also supports other descriptor elements including delta bars and delta bridges.



100% area chart showing market share for smartphone vendors

The 100% area chart below shows the market share for smartphone vendors based on the numbers of units. Market share for the largest vendors, Samsung & Apple, have been shrinking over the last 4 years. The relative height of each segment (row) at each year (column) depicts the market share.

100% area chart for the market share of units shipped by the largest smartphone vendors

100% area chart for the market share of units shipped by the largest smartphone vendors

The 100% area chart is an effective way to show market share without indicating the change in the absolute market size. If we also wanted to show the growth in the overall market, a regular area chart would have been an obvious choice.