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Survey of US adults and their use of social media to get news

The Mariekko chart below shows how many sites social US news users get news from. Each column represents a social site and the rows indicate the percentage for their US users that get news from just that site, 2 sites (that plus another), or 3 or more sites. The width of each column represents the percentage of social news users that use that site.

Facebook has the largest number of social news users and 50% of them only rely on Facebook for news.

Marimekko with US users social site news consumption

Mekko chart showing how many sites social news users get news from

This chart was built with the Aploris chart creator add-in on PowerPoint for Mac.

US app store revenue per active iPhone

The stacked bar chart below shows US app store revenue per active iPhone. Game apps make up the majority of spend. Revenue per iPhone increased 14% between 2015 and 2016. The data column to the right of the chart provides the growth for each category.

Stacked bar chart with iPhone app store revenue

Stacked bar chart showing US app store revenue per active iPhone; focus on top 5 categories

This chart was built using PowerPoint and the Aploris add-in on a Mac.

Bar chart with log axis showing what the world does on the internet in a minute

The bar chart below shows examples of what the world does on the Internet in a minute. A logarithmic scale is used to effectively show a broad range of values. For example 204M emails were sent, 104k Skype calls were made, and just 120 new LinkedIn accounts were created. This wide range can all be clearly shown on the same chart using a log axis.

In Aploris, you can change an axis to a logarithmic axis by right-clicking and selecting the log axis option. This feature is available on both our Mac and PC versions.

Bar chart showing an Internet minute

Bar chart showing what we do in an Internet minute


Mekko chart showing use of major social networking sites by gender

The Mekko chart below shows monthly visits to major social networking sites by gender.  The width of each column is proportional to total number of monthly visitors.  The x-axis is visible and labelled too.  Within each column the segment height is proportional to percent of female/male users.

The largest social networking sites, YouTube and Facebook, have roughly and equal number of male and female users each. Soundcloud has the highest proportion of male users (61%) and Tumblr has the highest proportion of female users (72%).

This Mekko or Marimeko chart was built on Mac with OS X using Aploris and PowerPoint for Mac.

Mekko chart showing social media use by gender

Mekko chart showing monthly visits to social networking sites by gender


Line chart showing social media adoption by age for American adults

The line chart below shows the percent of American adults who use social networking sites by age between 2005 and 2015. A separate line is used for each age group.

As expected, young adults (18-29) are most likely to use social networking sites. However, adoption for those 65 and older has significantly increased over the last 10 years.

Line chart showing social media use by age

Line chart showing social media usage by age group for American adults

The chart above was built using Aploris. Aploris is a plug-in for PowerPoint (Mac and PC) that enables the effective creation of a variety of insightful charts including waterfall and Mekko charts.