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Comparing the length of top metro systems globally

The bar chart below compares the length, measured in kilometers, of the top 15 metro systems globally. In addition, the yearly ridership and number of stations are listed in data rows below the chart.

China has a clear lead with 6 cities in the top 15! In addition, Shanghai and Beijing have significantly longer systems than any others.

Length of metro systems shown in bar chart

Bar chart comparing the length, ridership and number of stations in the top 15 metro systems globally

This chart was built with the Aploris add-in on PowerPoint for Mac 2016.

Bar-line chart comparing the best public transportation systems

The combination bar-line chart below compares public transportation systems across 5 major cities. The bar chart shows the number of miles of track and the line chart shows the yearly ridership level.

New York has the most miles of track and Beijing has the highest ridership. The axes were adjusted to minimize the amount the columns and line series overlapped. Additionally, the number of stations within each transportation system can be found as a row of annotated data below the group descriptions. We decided that adding this information to the plot area is not needed to convey the primary insights and could over-complicate the graph. Annotated data can be helpful in cases like this where auxiliary figures are helpful for some readers which will easily find them upon a closer look.

Bar-line chart examining public transportation systems across 5 cities

Chart comparing miles of track and ridership across 5 major cities

This chart was created using Aploris on a Mac (OS X) with Office 2016.