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Mekko chart showing Michelin star restaurants by country

The Mekko chart below shows the number of Michelin star restaurants organized by country and number of stars. France has the most Michelin star restaurants followed by Japan and Italy. Only 4% (133) of Michelin star restaurants have earned the top rating of 3 stars. Tokyo alone has 217 Michelin star restaurants and has a significant lead on any other city.

Michelin star restaurant mekko

Mekko chart showing Michelin star restaurants by country and rating

Each segment’s area is proportional to number of restaurants that fit in that category. The data row below the chart provides the last update year and the data columns to the right of the chart provide the total number of restaurants by rating.

The Marimekko was built using the Aploris add-in for PowerPoint on a Mac. Data provided by Wikipedia.

Bar chart showing longest commercial flights

The bar chart below show the distance for the top 5 longest commercial flights. In addition, the data rows below the chart show the duration of the flight and the airline that flies it.

Emirates flies the longest commercial flight at 14,203 kilometers between Auckland and Dubai that takes just over 17 hours.

Bar chart showing longest commerical flights

Bar chart with data rows showing top 5 longest flights

This bar chart was created by a PowerPoint add-in called Aploris on a Mac.

Mekko chart showing the largest public airlines

The Mekko chart below shows sales for the largest public airlines. The airlines are grouped in columns based on the location of their headquarters. American Airlines is the largest with $43B in sales. With the Mekko, or often referred to as the Marimekko, users can use the area of each segment to compare the relative sizes of each airline.

Mekko chart of largest airlines

Mekko chart showing sales for the largest public airlines globally

Bar-mekko with California car travel and delays

This chart shows the amount of car travel in three metropolitan areas of California. A variable-width column chart is used to depict the interplay of two factors. Along the x-axis the existing roads are plotted in terms of lane miles. This means that for instance a 100 miles of three-line a highway add 300 lane miles. The y-axis shows how often each lane mile is traveled per day.

The product of lane miles and travel per line equals the amount if daily travel miles. If each lane of said highway section is passed by 15,000 cars per day, 4.5 million travel miles are added to the total. With variable-width chart this relationship is made clear as the width and height form the area of each element.

A line of additional data below the plotting area shows the average delay per lane mile in each area. Unsurprisingly, in densely populated areas more intensely used roads lead to higher delays.

With Aploris Charts this value is part of the chart data and can be the result from a calculation based on other chart data. This means that values and positions are automatically updated if any of the input values changes.

This type of chart is also known as a bar-mekko or skyline chart. It can be viewed as a variant of a Marimekko chart or a cross between Marimekko and column chart. In a simple application like here only one series of data is displayed while more complex application may also stack multiple series.

Car travel intensity for metropolitan areas in California

Car travel intensity for metropolitan areas in California

Stacked bar chart examining US airline delays

A two segment stacked bar graph depicting the percent of flights that were delayed or canceled for three major US airlines. The y-axis is hidden to give a cleaner look. The segments are labeled to the right of the last bar.  As such, a legend is not required.

Of the compared airlines, Delta had smallest percentage of its flights delayed or canceled in 2014.

Stacked bar chart showing airline delays

Do you consider likelihood of flight delays when selecting airlines?