Worldwide cereal production, utilization, and stocks

The combination bar-line chart below shows worldwide cereal production, utilization, and stocks on a yearly basis. In addition, a data row is used to compare the stock levels with the utilization. To clearly show the data, which is spread over a large range, two axes are used. The left axis begins at 1800 million tonnes to amplify the delta between production and utilization.

Production has consistently been higher than utilization which leads to an increase in the available stocks. Further stock levels as a fraction of utilization have also increased slightly.

Bar-line chart showing worldwide cereal production, utilization, and stocks

Cereal production and utilization depicted in a combination bar-line chart

This chart was built using PowerPoint 2016 for Mac and the Aploris PowerPoint add-in.

2 comments on “Worldwide cereal production, utilization, and stocks

  1. Leonardo Monti

    Hello, I see many examples of bar-line combination charts, but nowhere I can find instructions on how to create one in Aploris

    Can you please let me know what steps to create a simple annual + cumulative combined bar-line chart?

    1. Kartik Sundar

      Hi, Leonardo –

      Thanks for your comment! To create the bar-line combination chart:

      – First, create a stacked bar chart
      – Right-click on the series (bar) that you’d like to change to a line
      – From the context menu select ‘Series’>’Make line series’
      – You can also map the line to a second y-axis


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