Aploris uses a term-based licensing model where customers are charged a yearly fee based on the number of licenses they purchase. The license gives customers the right to use Aploris for one year along with access to any updates released during the year. Customers may choose to renew their licenses each year.

Once a customer agrees to license Aploris, we send them a download link and license code valid for one year.

Example pricing

# Licenses Fee/user/year Total cost/year Fee/user/year Total cost/year
1 220 EUR 220 EUR 300 USD 300 USD
5 175 EUR 875 EUR 235 USD 1,175 USD
20 151 EUR 3,020 EUR 205 USD 4,100 USD
50 137 EUR 6,850 EUR 185 USD 9,250 USD

For customers in Germany and customers within the EU with no VAT ID (private customers) listed fees are subject to 19% VAT. USD fees are used for customers based in the Americas, EUR fees apply for the rest of the world. For academic/nonprofit use special prices may be available.

The listed fees are for exemplary volumes. We will be happy to provide a quotation for the specific number of licenses that your organization needs.

You can buy licenses online as a first-time customer or use our customer portal to renew licenses or add users. Feel free to contact us for additional information including pricing for 50+ licenses.


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