October 2013

Aploris for Mac 3.0 has now been officially released. The new version includes Gantt chart capabilities along with a host of other features including an improved label editor and efficiency tools that were only available on Windows before. The improved label editor enables variables (text tied to Excel) to be easily manipulated and combined with other text.

Users can now create Gantt charts to convey individual work plans or large scale project work streams with task descriptions, dependencies, deliverables, and milestones. Project timelines created as Gantt charts complement Excel data driven charts like Marimekkos or waterfall charts that Aploris users are already familiar with.

Aploris continues to rapidly add more features to improve their offering. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback as it will be considered when Aploris prioritizes its development efforts.

We have developed and tested Aploris for Mac to support Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8), Lion (10.7) and Snow Leopard (10.6).

Any interested person can request a trial of Aploris for Mac and use it with Office for Mac 2011 immediately.


February 2019

Aploris Charts 5.0 officially released

January 2018

Aploris remains compatible with latest Office for Mac updates

June 2017

Aploris Charts 4.2 introduces online license management

September 2016

Aploris for Mac fully compatible with 64-bit Office

July 2016

Customer portal relaunch

April 2016

Efficiency tools included in Aploris Charts 4.1 with Office for Mac 2016

November 2015

Office for Mac 2016 support added to Aploris Charts 4.1

October 2015

Aploris Charts 4.1 now available

July 2015

Aploris not yet compatible with Office for Mac 2016

March 2015

Aploris Charts 4.0 released

August 2014

Version 3.3 brings Yosemite compatibility and enhanced charting features

April 2014

New version with improved UI is available

January 2014

Aploris releases version 3.1 for Windows and Mac

October 2013

Aploris for Mac 3.0 with Gantt chart released

August 2013

Aploris now supports Office 2013

July 2013

Official release of Aploris for Mac