April 2016

In line with our goal to continually improve Aploris Charts, we have released an update that includes efficiency tools for Office for Mac 2016. Powerful features such as "send selected slides" and Harvey balls are now supported in Office for Mac 2016 and as before are also available with Office for Mac 2011 as well as for Office's Windows versions.

The following efficiency tools can be accessed from the Aploris ribbon within PowerPoint for Mac 2016:

  • Send and save selected slides
  • Same width, height, bevel
  • Pick up and apply position and size
  • Insert Harvey balls and check marks

Aploris continues to closely follow Microsoft's ongoing development of Office for Mac 2016 to ensure that our users have access to the most up-to-date features. In case of any issues users are advised to update to the latest release as Office updates may affect compatibility.

In addition to the efficiency tools, users will find all charting features in this release including waterfall charts, Marimekko, and Gantt charts. The latest release can be downloaded by all customers and trial users. New users are welcome to get a free trial. Any feedback regarding Office for Mac support and feature suggestions are appreciated.


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