June 2017

Aploris Charts version 4.2 has been released with support for online licenses. With this update of the powerful chart editor for PowerPoint, administrators of client companies can now easily manage user licenses through the Aploris customer portal. Licenses can be assigned to users and be revoked or reassigned later if needed. Additional licenses for new users can be purchased here as well.

No specific steps are needed as users update to version 4.2. Existing licenses are fully supported by the new release. Renewing licenses provides a good opportunity to switch to online licenses and facilitate license management in the future.

Individual users receive their personal user key with their registered email address. Once activated, users don't need to worry about updating their license details anymore as the company renews licenses. This applies to both Mac and Windows users and makes using Aploris even more straightforward.

Free trials are available as before. With the new release customer can upgrade their trial to a paid one-year license online with no need to touch their local Aploris installation.


February 2019

Aploris Charts 5.0 officially released

January 2018

Aploris remains compatible with latest Office for Mac updates

June 2017

Aploris Charts 4.2 introduces online license management

September 2016

Aploris for Mac fully compatible with 64-bit Office

July 2016

Customer portal relaunch

April 2016

Efficiency tools included in Aploris Charts 4.1 with Office for Mac 2016

November 2015

Office for Mac 2016 support added to Aploris Charts 4.1

October 2015

Aploris Charts 4.1 now available

July 2015

Aploris not yet compatible with Office for Mac 2016

March 2015

Aploris Charts 4.0 released

August 2014

Version 3.3 brings Yosemite compatibility and enhanced charting features

April 2014

New version with improved UI is available

January 2014

Aploris releases version 3.1 for Windows and Mac

October 2013

Aploris for Mac 3.0 with Gantt chart released

August 2013

Aploris now supports Office 2013

July 2013

Official release of Aploris for Mac