January 2018

Microsoft has been releasing updates of Office for Mac with new features and other changes. These at times come with internal changes. As such, add-ins like Aploris for Mac also require updates to continue working flawlessy.

Some of our users may not have received the latest automatic update of Aploris for Mac before upgrading their Office installation. While new Aploris releases are usually pushed automatically, some users may have skipped the update. When running on older version of Aploris with the latest Office release, run-time errors are possible. These errors often refer to entry points like Auto_Open or Auto_Close.

We suggest to manually install the latest Aploris release in case of any issues with the current installation. Aploris for Mac can be downloaded here. PowerPoint needs to be closed before running the installer. No additional steps are needed including a prior uninstall or re-activation. After installing the update, Aploris will work seamlessly with the older and the latest PowerPoint for Mac release.

We invite users to share feedback or reach out to our support team if they are experiencing any difficulties with Aploris.


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January 2018

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October 2013

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Official release of Aploris for Mac