Aploris is a graphing software designed to aid in the creation of insightful charts in business presentations. Aploris integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel enhancing their capabilities to allow customers to effectively create a variety of well-formed graphs for all sorts of business presentations like sales, finance/controlling, HR, strategy.

Aploris is available on Windows and Apple's macOS operating system.

Supported graph types

Stacked bar chart Stacked bar Clustered bar chart Clustered bar Clustered and stacked bar chart Stacked-cluster combination
Line chart Line Area chart Area Marimekko chart Mekko/Marimekko
Waterfall chart Waterfall Pie chart Pie Bubble chart Bubble
Scatter chart Scatter Spider chart Spider Gantt chart Gantt

Click on a chart name to preview a sample chart image created using Aploris (if available).

Learn about the powerful chart features.

Download the product data sheet with hardware and software requirements for Aploris for Window and Aploris for Mac.

PC Requirements

Operating system

PowerPoint and Excel

Mac Requirements

Operating system

PowerPoint and Excel