Features in detail

Here we show selected advanced features of Aploris that are not (fully) supported by PowerPoint's integrated charts but frequently required by power users.

Request a trial to try them out now and discover the flexibility of Aploris. To find out how to use these features please refer to the online documentation.

Annotation rowAnnotation rowsInsert rows of annotation data (data rows) with data that is relevant for the chart but cannot be plotted in the graph area
CAGR columnCAGR columnsAdd one or more columns of CAGR (compound annual growth rate) values or other data about the chart series
Growth arrowGrowth arrowInsert growth arrows to indicate a growth or decline with CAGR or percent values
Delta indicatorsDelta indicatorsDelta indicators can be added to highlight the difference between bars or other elements of a graph
Element connectorElement connectorsUse element connectors to visualize increase or decrease of values or to relate chart values
Error barsError bars/indicatorsError bars or indicators display a range on the value axis that can be configured exactly
Net linesNet linesUse a net line series to display values in relation to bars
Value lineValue linesAdd one or more values lines (average lines) to visually compare values
Axis breakAxis breaksUse axis breaks to clip a range on an axis when there is a large gap between large and small values
Label variablesLabel variablesMany labels allow choosing between multiple values to display or combining them
Value scalingScaled display valuesChange the magnitude of displayed values in a chart for better readability without modifying the underlying data
Scatter chart groupsScatter chart groupsDefine groups of elements in scatter and bubble chart for a consistent appearance
Trend lineTrend linesAutomatically calculated trend lines and custom configured lines can be added to scatter and bubble charts