Can I add Aploris charts to an Excel or Word document?

Currently, Aploris can only be directly used to add charts/graphs to PowerPoint documents. You can, of course, copy and paste an Aploris chart as an image or an Office Graphic object into Work and Excel. On Windows you can alternatively embed PowerPoint slides into other documents and edit Aploris charts here.

How do I move segments in a waterfall chart?

Aploris uses a standard logic by default to create the flow of a waterfall chart. To adjust the flow simply select any of the waterfall connectors between the element. It displays a handle at each side. The handle can be dragged to another position to adjust the waterfall flow.

I deleted a label by mistake, how do I get it back?

Usually, the object to which a label belongs offers an option to show the label in its context menu, e.g. for a bar element, an axis label or the label of a growth arrow. You also have the option to use the button Label placeholders to display a placeholder symbol for each label that is hidden. Click on any of the symbols to show the label.

I have a crowded x-axis, how do I delete just some of the labels?

You can select a range of (contiguous) objects like tick mark labels by clicking on the first object and then shift clicking (hold down the Shift key while clicking) on the final object in the range. If instead you hold down a number key (e.g. 2) in addition to the Shift key, only every n-th (2nd) object will be selected. You can then delete/hide every n-th (2nd) label.

How can I sort my Marimekko chart to have the biggest elements on the bottom?

Aploris currently does not offer a feature to sort elements by their sizes. We recommend reordering the rows in the Excel sheet by dragging them while holding down the Shift key.

What is the stacking editor?

The stacking editor is a unique feature of Aploris that allows you to create combined stacked and clustered bar/column charts as well as charts with overlapping bars. Select Stacking editor from the context menu of a bar chart and adjust the layout of the groups of the chart by dragging the elements.

Will custom colors I add be available when others edit my chart?

The most recently used colors are saved with the chart so that they will also appear in the color list if another user edits the chart.

Aploris on Mac

PowerPoint seems to be blocked while I edit a chart – why is that?

Currently, PowerPoint calls the Aploris editor and waits for it to complete to update the chart. This means the PowerPoint is not available while the chart is edited, this also applies to other PowerPoint presentations that may be open. Close the editor to return and use PowerPoint as usual.


How does your licensing work?

Aploris uses a term-based licensing model where customers are charged a yearly fee per user and may choose to renew their licenses each year.

Is it possible to buy a copy of the current version, i.e. a permanent license?

We do not offer permanent licenses for Aploris. Since updates of Microsoft Office, Windows or macOS may require modifications in Aploris we cannot guarantee that the current version of Aploris is usable with upcoming releases of these products. We therefore favor the subscription model, which ensures that Aploris works for all our clients.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer payment by check, bank transfer and credit card.

I work in an environment where some people use Macs and others use Windows, will Aploris work on both operating systems?

Yes, we have versions of Aploris for both operating systems. They work on the same chart data so you can share Aploris charts between Mac and Windows computers.

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